Here we are: Netflix will officially open in Italy on October 22nd and many in our Country believe that its impact will be evident, given the structure of the Italian television. Since ten years, the revenues from home videos (that have been exceeding cinema revenues) began gradually to decline due to the decrease of DVD/DVX sales. For this reason, Hollywood majors companies try to make money from the exclusive rights and by adopting a defense policy to reduce the risk. In order to make its offer more interesting, Netflix since several years has begun to invest on its own production too. However, exclusivity has as a consequence the fragmentation of the offer. The more companies create their own exclusive contents, the more services you will have to choose among. The launch of Netflix, therefore, will need to face a very complicated market even (or especially) in Italy.

The Big G gives ‘subjectives’ rules in a market with a ‘objectives’ evolution

Google released its Chrome last version a month ago and now any Flash contents considered as not crucial for the page are stopped. Last April its algorithm began to prefer those websites optimized for smartphones and tablets. These changes implemented by Google derive from an analysis of the use of Internet, especially from the fact that the number of Internet accesses from mobile devices outdid those from desktop and the importance of online shopping.
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